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Master 3 Golf Alignment Fundamentals & You're 90% There

Master these three golf alignment fundamentals and you're well on your way!

1. Aiming the club-face to your target/start line.

2. Perfecting your body lines, primarily your feet, hips, and shoulders relative to your target.

3. Starting the club on the correct path (takeaway/ swing plane)

Here's the best news. Theses golf alignment fundamentals are SKILLS that can be acquired regardless of physical capabilities or limitations. The key is getting quality reps to build lasting muscle memory. This is best accomplished by utilizing external feedback that creates powerful "feels' and visual ques. Using golf alignment sticks to gain visual feedback for feet and hip alignment is essential. Adding an alignment stick mirror can provide visuals on shoulder alignment and ball position. Using an alignment stick behind you, placed diagonally in the turf, can demystify your back-swing plane.

Check out the video below and create a simple practice station and get your lines and angles dialed in!


1. Add a target alignment stick (rope) down range.

2. Use a Goodstick Magnetic Alignment Stick as a reference for feet and hip alignment.

3. Add a Goodstick MAX Alignment Mirror to monitor shoulder alignment and ball position.

4. Use a diagonal stick in the turf (Goodstick Ultimate Base Plate) for takeaway & path/plane.

Check out for more information on the tools used in this practice station.

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