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Goodstick Max Alignment Mirror
Goodstick Max Alignmnt Mirror

Perfect Your Shoulder Alignment & Ball Position

Alignment sticks are a great tool and provide precise real-time feedback for your aim, set-up, and body alignment. You can look down at your alignment sticks and check that your feet and hips are aligned correctly, and that your club is aimed to the target.

There's just one problem. Shoulder alignment is just as important (if not more important) than aligning your feet and hips. Shoulders that are too open or too closed to the target can create a host of problems with your swing mechanics and ball flight. 


The solution? The Goodstick MAX Alignment Mirror. The MAX Alignment Mirror is a parabolic mirror with multiple alignment stick ports and alignment graphics to ensure your shoulders are always perfectly aligned to the target. The Max Alignment Mirror also includes a Stick-Lock feature that allows you to connect an alignment stick securely to the mirror. Now you can check your shoulder alignment at a glance and practice with confidence knowing your alignment is perfect! 

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