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Alignment Stick Foam Pads

Alignment Stick Foam Pads


*Foam pads only. Alignment sticks sold separately.


Connect foam pads to your Goodstick Magnetic Alignment Sticks to improve safety and visibility. Create unique obstruction based feedback stations.


Pack includes a set of two (2) rigid foam pads compatible with Goodstick Magnetic Alignment Sticks. Each pad includes a Velcro Strap to secure the foam pad to the rubber cap section of Goodstick Alignment Sticks.


** Goodstick Alignment Stick Foam Pads are compatible with Goodstick Brand Alignment Sticks ONLY.


What's Included:

(2) Foam Alignment Stick Pads

(2) Velcro Straps


Tech Specs:

Color: Lime Green, Bright Orange

Length: 6"

Outside Diameter: 2"

Inside Diameter: 3/8"


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